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Project Description
Drop in replacement for FileSystemWatcher that actually works for network folders. (Really!)

System.IO.FileSystemWatcher fails to react when the connection to the monitored folder(s) is lost. While the Error event is raised for some disconnect events, it doesn't handle network outages, BSODs ect.

The solution
NetFileSystemWatcher will periodically resets the connection to reconnect the monitored folder to compensate for network outages, server restarts, BSODs ect.,

Tracks the state of the connection to the watched folder (disconnected/connected).

Trigger event if the connection state changes, or when a reconnect has been performed. It is likely that NetFileSystemWatcher could miss events during reconnect, and for that reason, it is highly recommended to do a pull for files in the monitored folder just after a connect/reconnect.

Polls eagerly immediately after disconnection, but slows up if unsuccessful. 

.NET Framework information

Tested with .NET Framework 4.0 and 4.5RC, but I see no reason why it should not work for 2.0+.

Update Jan 5 2016: Yes this project IS maintained, and is safe to use. Don't let the lack of commits fool you.


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